June Events and Activities in Our Community

Looking for something to do with your little ones (Great for ages 0 to Teen)? Here’s a listing of things going on in our community. Make sure to check back often as things will be updated as I find them.

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**Events and Activities are subject to change without notice. Please check the linked website before attending.**


Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse

Cinemark at Tanforan Mall in San Bruno is starting their Summer Movie Clubhouse on June 5th! With 10 great movies for just $1 a movie or $5 for all 10. Movies are either G or PG. All movies start at 10am.

  • Monday, June 5 thru Thursday, June 9

The Secret Life of Pets (PG)

  • Monday, June 12 thru Thursday, June 16

The LEGO Batman Movie (PG)

  • Monday, June 19 thru Thursday, June 22

Trolls (PG)

  • Monday, June 26 thru Thursday, June 29

Shrek the Third (PG)

  • Monday, July 3 thru Thursday, July 6

Goosebumps (PG)

  • Monday, July 10 thru Thursday, July 13

The Iron Giant (PG)

*This list of movies was taken directly from Cinemark’s website. The poster of this list is linked in the comments above.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Have you ever taken your children to a place that you had gone to as a kid and thought how much it was the same but how different it was at the same time?

Well we decided to take our daughter to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom one Saturday and I must say that we had a great time. Of course things are much different now than they were back when we were younger, with all the roller coaster rides but the same light in the eyes and huge smiles on the kids faces are the same.
A little history for ya, when my husband and I were younger, maybe even around 7 yrs old like Sierra, Discovery Kingdom was in Redwood City and it was called Marine World Africa USA, they opened in 1968 there. It was a lot different then. No roller coaster and the main features were the animals. Now with them being in Vallejo, there’s huge roller coasters but some great animal shows to see.
Our first show was Odin’s Temple of the Tiger. These magnificent animals are so beautiful but of course not the cuddling type. I was impressed with the show in that it was educational and not, see what tricks these guys could do. They showed how far they could leap, how high they could stand on their hind legs if they needed to reach food, how far up they could jump if their prey was in a tree and even how they could swim in the water. It was a great show by far and I suggest seeing it.
Outside of the arena is a handsome white tiger that you can see lounging in the grass. The beauty of these animals is beyond words for me. I could stand at the enclosure for hours just watching the easy movements of them.
Our next stop was the dolphin show at Toyota Stadium~ Drench. Now this is only my opinion but as much as I love seeing the dolphins perform, I would much rather it be an educational show and not have the trainers in the water with them. They are beautiful, playful and very smart animals and showing a more realistic side to what they would do in their everyday lives would have made me happier. That being said, it was a good show and people were laughing hard when the dolphins sprayed water on the people in the splash zone.
Off to the butterfly habitat. Although it was muggy inside and we were all sweaty, we stayed here the longest. There were so many butterflies that we could hardly keep up with them. Many different species and colors, everywhere you turned there was one flying by or sitting on a leaf. There was even a bird sitting in a tree. (Does it eat the butterflies? Hmmm)
*All photos were taken by my husband Jon Lobo