California’s Great America Winterfest 2017

California’s Great America Winterfest

California’s Great America Winterfest was transformed into a winter wonderland on November 24th. It was the start of Winterfest and the beginning of a wonderful evening for us. Truly a family-friendly event.

My daughter and I started the night off with a little ice skating on Snowflake Lake in front of the Carousel Colombia. Needless to say we both needed the helper to get around the ice without falling onto our bottoms. It was great fun but after an hour on the ice I was ready to slip back into my shoes and walk around a little bit to see all the decorations before the tree lighting ceremony.

We grabbed some popcorn, found a spot fairly close to the stage and waited for the singing and dancing to begin. Soon enough the cast came running out onto stage dressed in festive clothes. There to light the tree was San Francisco 49er Joe Staley and his family! We couldn’t wait for him to push the button and see that beautiful 65 foot tree shining brightly!


There was so much to see and do that it was hard to decide what to do next, so we ended up walking down Candy Cane Lane and seeing Ms. Candy Cane taking pictures with many of the guests. There was so many delicious looking buildings, seats, tables, etc. Yes I did say that! Good thing they weren’t real or they’d have to replace them, since people would be stopping and eating them.

Onward to Charlie Brown’s Christmas Town at Planet Snoopy! Here we enjoyed a few of the younger kids rides and listened to A Peanuts Guide to Christmas that was happening on the stage. I loved watching the little kids with their wide eyes listening to the characters and smiling.


  • Winterfest is open to the public from November 24-December 30th on select nights. If you’ve never been, check it out!