Minefaire, A Minecraft Fan Experience

Minefaire, A Minecraft Fan Experience!
Nation’s #1 Event for Minecraft Announces 2018 Tour
Minefaire Brings Families Together,Develops Skills for STEM Careers
The #1 Minecraft event in the U.S. is announcing its 2018 tour. Over the course of eight months, Minefaire: The Ultimate Minecraft Fan Experience, will travel coast-to-coast to bring families together in 11 U.S. cities.
Minefaire is an official Minecraft Community Event that set a Guinness World Record for largest convention for a single video game when it debuted in October 2016. Kicking off its 2018 tour with new attractions as well as its famed costume contest, Minefaire will visit the following locations:
“Many parents ask us,‘Why is my child so fascinated with Minecraft?’”says Chad Collins, one of the fathers who founded Minefaire. “Minefaire is a chance to understand, as well as connect with your kids through their favorite game and have a blast! We have created a one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience that introduces like-minded children to one another and inspires the next generation of engineers and architects.”
“It’s not just a game,” says Minefaire Co-Founder Gabe Young. “While you’re making dinner and your kids are playing Minecraft, they’re experiencing the huge educational and inspirational aspects that are
driving them to think really, really big. I have learned so much about my own children by joining them in their favorite pastime, and I want other parents to share a similar experience with their kids.”
Minecraft is a virtual game where you build new worlds, block by block, by mining the resources you find and crafting them into something great. It’s the second best-selling standal one video game of all time, with more than 122 million units sold, only outranked by Tetris. Children and parents who attend Minefaire will enjoy 100,00 square feet of hands-on attractions, including:
  • Minecraft Virtual Reality Experience
  • Nonstop,Live Stage Shows: Spanning multiple mega-stages
  •  Minecraft Costume Contest: Kids dress up and compete as their favorite Minecraft characters
  •  YouTube Meet & Greets: With Minecraft YouTube superstars who have millions of followers.
  •  Build Battles: Kids and adults compete in live gaming arenas.
  •  Learning Lab: Meet official Minecraft mentors and educators using Minecraft in classrooms.
  • Minecraft Gifts: New, rare and custom items you can’t find anywhere else.
Watch the Official Minefaire video HERE!
For more information or to purchase all-inclusive tickets, go to Minefaire.com. Children ages two and under enter Minefaire for free.

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