Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo

In April we ventured out to the Oakland Zoo. What a pleasant surprised to find out that they were celebrating Earth Day! There were so many booths and educational lessons for the kids.

One particular booth we stopped at had pigeons that these young adults had as pets. We learned that some were used for racing from one area to another. Some of the stories were sad but at least these pigeons had new loving homes. Sierra got to even pet a few. We learned that there are different species of pigeons and that they are very trainable, loving little guys.

Time to stop and have some lunch! The Oakland Zoo offers a variety of yummy choices for both kids and adults. We sat outside since it was such a nice day and enjoyed the sound of the train passing by.

Next stop, Elephants! My favorite is the elephants and Oakland Zoo has a large area for these big guys to roam around in. We were just in time for their feeding too. Fruits, vegis and hay were placed in different locations of their surroundings, making it easy for visitors to get a great view.  It was exciting to see them use their trunks to pick up the food and toss it into their mouths. Can you imagine if you had to eat that way? I’m sure I’d make a mess!

One of them also gave us quite a show with spraying mud from the past night’s rain. I guess he needed to cool down a bit. The kids laughed and ooh’d and aah’d as he did it. Thank goodness he didn’t spray us!


Looking for an outing for the kids and the adults? Head out to the Oakland Zoo for a wonderful day, we highly recommend it!


*Received tickets in exchange for a review

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